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127: How to Reinvent an old Family Recipe for Success Today with Luz Nazario

June 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 127
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
127: How to Reinvent an old Family Recipe for Success Today with Luz Nazario
Show Notes

One of my first Christmas memories is in Puerto Rico visiting my Paternal Grandmother's family. I don't have full mind movies of the trip but I have vague snapshots of the people and the food.

Over the course of my life, I have always wanted to connect with my paternal grandmother's heritage by learning all I can about the food.

For this reason, when I first met this week's guest, I was called to support her and help her in all I can to build and grow her dream.

Luz Nazario is the founder of NEDA’s Coquito and is a veteran educator with more than 25 years of experience preparing and educating the future game changers. While I haven't met Luz in person, we did meet at ClubHouse in the Amigos Club. Luz runs the book club in the Amigos Club on Clubhouse. She currently lives in Miami, originally from Puerto Rico...which brings us to COQUITO!

Four years ago, Luz decided to make some game-changing moves herself over Christmas as funds ran low because she needed to do something quickly to tide the family over until she returned to work.

Using the ingredients already at home, Luz created a unique coquito recipe that people simply fell in love with. In case you don't know, coquito means “little coconut” and is a drink typically served during the Christmas holidays. Simply delish!

Now, Luz is expanding to have a summer launch with different flavors! I know her determination and drive will help her be a success. I was so fortunate to have Luz as my client and I am proud of how she implemented the things I coached on like building her email list, creating a launch plan, attracting potential new customers, and nurturing existing ones.

Please check out her inspirational story and make sure you connect with Luz?
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