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123: Tell your mother how much she means to you; it’s Mother’s Day!

May 08, 2022 Season 1 Episode 123
Casa De Confidence Podcast
123: Tell your mother how much she means to you; it’s Mother’s Day!
Show Notes

Today I celebrate my mom and all the moms that I love. Motherhood is a job that comes with no manual or training. Today can look different for all of us.  I hope, dear friend, that you remind yourself that having a happy day is not about the cards, the gifts, or even the actions of others.

"Happy" can come from how you choose to think today. Perhaps you are missing your mom, your children are not with you, or like me, you don't have children who call you mom. I want to remind you to choose to focus on what you do have. Every day is an opportunity to find joy, live in gratitude, and be intentional with what you want to feel.

Like many who don't have children, I began to feel that mix of emotions that can come from a day like this one. A day where you can feel everyone celebrates the accomplishment of motherhood, and yet you seem to be left out.

As I began to allow my crazy emotions to rule my day, I began to think about the incredible opportunity for me to be the best auntie, the best coach I  want to be, and most importantly, a woman with a message, a podcast host.

It has been my goal since I launched Casa DeConfidence to share the inspirational stories of others. I have desired to normalize that our stories are the bricks that pave the way to our dreams and living the life we want.

I hope that rather than comparing yourself, the stories from our guests inspire you, motivate you, and help you in your journey of confidence.

Yes, I know that missing someone you love is hard, and not having the child you wanted for the most is hard. However, we all still have this day, and there is always a wonderful blessing waiting to be found. I wish you a joyous day no matter what.

Join me today as I share about my mom.  Today I want to share about her with you. We all have a story. Please check out her journey and how it made me who I am today.

If you want to read more about other phenomenal stories of incredible women, you can do so here.

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