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124: Overcoming Perfectionism with Tina Kocol, Trauma Therapist

May 15, 2022 Season 1 Episode 124
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
124: Overcoming Perfectionism with Tina Kocol, Trauma Therapist
Show Notes

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! While we should do this year round, now is an excellent time to remember to reflect and take action to improve our minds not only for ourselves but for those of us around us who support us. In honor of that, Casa DeConfidence is excited to welcome Tina Kocol!

I first met Tina, in my friend Corinne Crabtree's NoBS Weigh loss group. (You can check out that episode here). 

Tina is an incredible young woman, as the author of the newly released book 

The Perfectionism Journal: Guided Prompts and Mindfulness Practices to Reduce Anxiety and Find Calm

In her book, she gives you insightful prompts that allow you to process your perfectionist tendencies. Many times it is the unprocessed crap in our life that create the thoughts and feelings that bring us down and create the negative emotions we struggle with.

Tina is an experienced therapist with specializations in trauma recovery, EMDR, group therapy, addictions, and transforming high-conflict relationships. She brings her unique style to every client interaction and loves to infuse therapy and workshops with her love of nature.

Tina utilizes horticultural therapy and is working as an anxiety therapist with beekeepers this summer. When she's not working with clients she's working on becoming a Master Gardener and is excited about growing her own wedding flowers this summer!

Do you want to connect with Tina? Check her out here:
- Website
- Facebook
- Instagram

In this episode, I also encourage you to check out Peaceful You! My mindfulness course that we released back in August of 2020. You can find a link to the workbook here

Meditation and mindfulness are great tools to help you build a healthy mindset. It is one of the tools that has allowed me to decrease stress and be more at ease during difficult times. 

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