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Ep.130 Finding the courage to take action and Ignite Your Life with Lyne Frank

June 26, 2022 Season 1 Episode 130
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
Ep.130 Finding the courage to take action and Ignite Your Life with Lyne Frank
Show Notes

 "I am meant to empower and motivate women."

The quote above is from this week's guest, Lyne Frank.

I am so thrilled to have connected with this incredible lady.  Lyne Frank is a Global Sisterhood women’s circle facilitator, performance coach, and the creator of Ignite in Circle, a dynamic 7-week group-based personal transformation program that trains women to own their feminine power, cultivate self-worth, and ultimately, achieve what they authentically want in life.

In this episode, we talk about so much. Lyne spoke about how when the universe came knocking, it woke her from the social trance that many of us have our best life. Through her midlife awakening, she started to write a book to empower women.

Two years into her project, a new editor (now a treasured friend) asked her to start over. After many tears and meditating, Lyne found the strength to keep going.

This experience birthed Ignite in Circle, a revolutionary program for women that combines the time-honored structure of women's circles with personal growth training. She quickly realized the women attending were those who could offer to spend money on self-development.

This reality hurt her heart, and her body nudged her to do more. She wanted all women to have access to what they needed to live their best lives, so she created a private Facebook group called Ignite in Community with no budget.

When Lyne isn’t leading women's circles or speaking to women’s groups, she is often found chillin’ with Mother Nature. Lyne is known to dance around barefoot in her backyard listening to tunes by modern folk artists like Rising Appalachia, Ayla Nareo, and compilations by DJ Alexbird. Of course, when she does this, she usually envisions more women leaders rising as a collective to bring gender balance to a world, she believes, sorely needs it.

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