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Ep:131 Don't Fear the Years and Changing the Narrative with Gail Gensler

July 03, 2022 Gail Genler Season 1 Episode 131
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Ep:131 Don't Fear the Years and Changing the Narrative with Gail Gensler
Show Notes

" I am a pro-aging fitness enthusiast"  Is how my friend Gail Gensler describes herself. She is changing the narrative around aging through fitness and embracing a healthy lifestyle from a "real woman's " perspective.

Her philosophy is that age should never determine one's lifestyle, appearance, and most certainly what type of workouts you do!. Fitness has nothing to do with age.

Gail and I met through our mutual friend and friend of the show Jack Perez, founder of The Kuel life. Her Episode is 110

Many things can cause aging, such as diet, exercise, sleep, and more. Gail advocates for creating habits in those areas that help you live vibrantly. 

Her goal is to change the narrative around aging so that younger people can realize that it's something to embrace and look forward to and inspire and motivate her peers never to take their wellness for granted. Vibrant, healthy life is achievable regardless of age! Age is a mindset-old is an attitude.

 I love her belief that age should never affect how we dress, what we enjoy doing, and how we are portrayed in society. She is here to break down the barriers of institutional ageism and change how fitness brands, in particular, look at midlife women."

Growing to be "wellderly" is one of my goals. For this reason, I love surrounding myself with women like Gail. By the way, another extraordinary woman advocating and redefining growing older for women is Maryann Alda, another friend of the show. Her episode is Episode 67 on "Aging Shamelessly."

Check out Gail and all the incredible women (and cool dudes) from the show. I am so fortunate to learn and be inspired by them. Today, I know I will get a workout in and feel proud of myself. I want to follow in Gail's footsteps starting today.

Connect with Gail here: 
Gail's Website
Gail's IG

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