Casa De Confidence Podcast

Ep: 133 How to Live Life Out Loud with Benita Tyler

July 18, 2022 Episode 133
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Ep: 133 How to Live Life Out Loud with Benita Tyler
Show Notes

At the young age of 19, Benita Tyler found out her young husband had been killed. She had to make tough choices as a young mom of two babies. How do you overcome the unthinkable and become a thriving individual?
During this week's episode of the Casa DeConfidence Podcast, Benita openly shares her struggles, suicidal thoughts, and journey to remarry and raise a blended family of six.

During our conversation, we talked about how she found her voice and confidence to learn to advocate for herself in a male-dominated industry and is now teaching other career women to find their voice and live out loud.

A lifelong learner on a mission to give voice to women facing challenges in areas like losing a spouse, raising blended families, depression, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, low self-esteem, ineffective communication in relationships, and fear from “analysis paralysis.” Benita helps women break free through her coaching. Her goal is for every woman to become braver, show up, and break free to live their life out loud. Benita is the author of Addicted to Dysfunction: Released to Live Life Out Loud and Go Ahead! Be Braver.

Her books offer a unique perspective on ways to achieve personal development. Benita thrives in supporting women on their journey by awakening their awareness and providing a blueprint for the attainment.

A widow at twenty-nine raised six children and survived depression by learning to use her voice. Benita is a resilient leader who enjoys sharing the art of storytelling with the goal of women going from unseen to seen.

Benita’s educational accolades include a Bachelor in Business Management, MBA in Business
Administration, and a Certified Life Coach with CTA. Benita lives in Kokomo, Indiana, with her wonderful husband. Benita is a mother and doting grandmother who enjoys traveling in her free time.

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