Casa DeConfidence Podcast

Ep: 135 Normalizing Anxiety, and Not Having it all Together as an Entrepreneur and Coach

August 01, 2022 Season 1 Episode 135
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
Ep: 135 Normalizing Anxiety, and Not Having it all Together as an Entrepreneur and Coach
Show Notes

The stress, fear, and anxiety you experience are getting in the way of your success in business and your personal life.

It was the middle of February in 2022, and I was beating myself up for staying in bed so long after waking up.

As an experienced business coach, I know the importance of a schedule, prioritizing tasks, and working on the plan, you create for yourself and your business.

On this day, like many others of the long cold winter, I was having difficulty getting out of bed. AGAIN.

I knew this resulted from mild anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, and a bit of depression.

I felt like a loser, a fraud, and so much more. This pushed me into a cycle of emotional eating and being overwhelmed. I dug deep into my arsenal of coaching tools, inspirational podcasts, mediations, affirmations, and journaling. Sadly, nothing was changing for me. Instead, I sank deeper into my vortex of negative self-talk and shame. 

Later this day, I got an email that changed many things for me. Earlier that month, I had been awarded a free coaching session by a fellow coach. 

I decided to reply back and take up my fellow coach on the free session. I knew it would help me talk things out and create a plan for moving forward.

This fellow coach, Susie Castellanos, is a Mindset & Empowerment Coach who helps people feel better about themselves and their lives. She specializes in helping first-gen trailblazers reduce anxiety and self-doubt, increase confidence, and reach even higher levels of achievement.

Susie helps women like me who are considered “successful” (good job and salary, educated, middle-class lifestyle), yet don’t FEEL successful and keep striving to hit the next rung in hopes that we will finally feel secure. After our first session, I knew I needed a coach's support to help me manage emotionally challenging situations with family, coworkers, and clients with CALM and EASE without reverting to old patterns.

I knew that although I have had therapy, meds, and self-help books in the past, they left me feeling that some underlying issues were left unresolved. These resources gave me insights but no practical solutions and strategies that helped me stop feeling like a fraud.

In today's conversation, I speak candidly with Susie about how she works with others like me. Her personal journey as a coach, her personal trauma, and overcoming obstacles to live confidently helping others do the same. 

Originally from San Diego, CA, Susie is a first-generation Mexican American, the first in her family to attend college, and an Ivy League Ph.D. Thanks to life coaching, she removed mental and emotional blocks that had held her back, quit her corporate job, and now gets to help others create lives they love as a life coach. She lives in Durham, NC, with her husband of 17 years, Bill, three cats, and an extensive collection of family and friends.

Connect with Susie here: 

Working with a coach is one of many solutions we can utilize to help us feel better and manage our mental fitness and health. I encourage you to seek the right solution for you. We are all human, and needing the proper support is key to a better, happier life. 

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