Casa De Confidence Podcast

Ep: 136 How to Overcome Perfectionism and Learning to Trust Your Body

August 07, 2022 Season 1 Episode 136
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Ep: 136 How to Overcome Perfectionism and Learning to Trust Your Body
Show Notes

I have struggled with weight for a long time. 

My perfectionism is part of the reason why. 

 Perhaps you have struggled with being a perfectionist. By the way, there is no such thing. This is a concept I learned when I first worked with Jane Pilger on my journey to lose weight. Jane is our newest guest on the show this week. 

I gained from Jane so much insight into how I could overcome these sabotaging behaviors that I applied her lessons to other areas of my life. 

When I was about to do the Camino De Santiago in Spain and was less than ready physically, Jane reminded me that the "currency for my dreams is discomfort." THIS QUOTE!!! Friend, it is a mantra I live by now, thanks to her. 

I hope you enjoy this brilliant woman sharing candidly about her struggles with binge eating and her terrible bicycle accident that fractured her pelvis and almost left her on the sidelines of her elite triathlete career. 

After tons of discomfort, she is back at it and on her way to Kona, Hawaii, to achieve her dreams of competing in the Supersapiens Ironman World Championships.

Jane has been coaching women on binge eating, food freedom, and body trust since 2013. On the outside, she has always looked like a very successful person - with many achievements and certifications to her name. 

But inside, she felt like she had one very big shameful secret. That she was out of control with food. She spent decades trying to get her eating and her body under control.

 Giving up on the quest for control and perfection was key to ending her bingeing. It took looking at what she was doing in a new way, understanding how she was setting herself up to binge and constantly working against herself rather than with herself. It took developing trust and turning shame and judgment into compassion and curiosity.

 Whether you are a binge eater, someone who doesn't trust themselves with certain foods, or who just doesn't understand why they behave the way they sometimes do, she's got you. She will teach you how to understand your behavior, develop trust with yourself, and cultivate the support you need to navigate life. Her approach is rooted in the science of the brain and body, trauma-informed, and filled with compassion.

 When Jane isn't coaching, she is either connecting with friends and family, pursuing finish lines, resting, or planning the next adventure. She strives to make a difference in those around her while living a life of love, trust, adventure, and growth.

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