Casa De Confidence Podcast

Ep: 138: How to Choose the Right Supplements for a Healthier Life

August 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 138
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Ep: 138: How to Choose the Right Supplements for a Healthier Life
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what the correct type of supplements you should take? 
Have you wondered if the ingredients in these supplements are as pure and helpful as you think they should be? 

Today's interview is with my guest, Kate Mahoney, Functional Supplement Specialist & Supplement Quality Expert.

Kate is a supplement expert whose goal is to empower practitioners and consumers with the knowledge to make informed supplement choices. By 2020, she had accumulated nearly 25 years of supplement quality-focused education and professional experience in the remedial use of supplements. 

After over a decade of encouragement from her colleagues, she released a supplement education course for functional practitioners at the beginning of 2020, which addressed essential quality considerations and the functional use of supplements in clinical practice. Other courses and education for health professionals and consumers became available in 2022.

 Teaching online and consulting one-on-one with colleagues and consumers about supplements has been her primary professional focus since 2020.

In today's interview, we dive into:

What led Kate to become the supplement expert she is today? How does she use these powerful tools for her personal health? How she teaches others as a Functional Medicine practitioners to use the type of supplements to gain health and wellbeing.

In the episode, we dive into all these topics, and Kate answers many of these questions.

I came across this quote, and after speaking to Kate, I feel it is apropos to share it here.  "The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison." Ann Wigmore

Like many of us, I aspire to eat healthily, have worked with coaches, and follow many nutritionists.  I also take supplements that I know help me in my journey to health. However, deciphering the labels and schools of thought regarding supplements requires that we have an expert like Kate by our side.  She is not only highly qualified on this topic but also a superb educator for all of us. 

You can find Kate on Instagram, Facebook, and her website

I first heard our guest in our friend of the show Benjamin Yeh's Podcast Boom Vision. I learned so much from her that I knew I needed to have Ben make the introduction. 

I am so grateful to bring you this incredible expert to share her wisdom on this vital topic. 

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