Casa De Confidence Podcast

Ep: 140 How to Foster Human Connection & Community with Nicole O'Neil

September 11, 2022 Julie DeLucca-Collins Season 1 Episode 141
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Ep: 140 How to Foster Human Connection & Community with Nicole O'Neil
Show Notes

Nicole is a soul healing guide, mentor, and soul-led photographer in the Boston area. In this podcast episode, she shares her experience as a survivor and thriver from the Boston Terror attack.

Her passion and purpose are helping others uncover the power within them, aligning their soul with the human experience, and living life in the most joyful, abundant, and empowered ways possible.

Nicole's specialties are inner child healing, trauma & healing the sisterhood wound. Nicole also takes a limited number of family and baby photo sessions per season. She has a unique type of session called a soul session for people wanting to connect deeply within their souls to create a session that fully embodies the essence of who they are.

Nicole is the host of the Soulful Human podcast. Her show brings personal stories and conversations on several vital topics facing those identifying as womxn but also those impacting everyone.

Here, you will hear experts and everyday people sharing their stories from the human experience. Topics include Motherhood, Being Child Free, Mental Health, LGBTQIA+, Racism, Human Rights, and topics highlighting the problematic issues in spiritual/wellness/coaching spaces.

You can find Nicole here:

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