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Ep 141: How to Move Past Your Fear of Failure, Self-doubt, and Frustrations with Luke Harlan

September 17, 2022 Julie DeLucca-Collins Episode 142
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Ep 141: How to Move Past Your Fear of Failure, Self-doubt, and Frustrations with Luke Harlan
Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast, Luke shares how he made a decision and set out to create a better life for himself, his kids, the community, and the life he always dreamed of.

Luke says, "change had to start with me…because I was the one constant that had never changed."

As a Transformation Expert, Luke blends his creativity, humor, and real-world experience to deliver insight, perspective, and clarity with crucial mindset shifts that will challenge, inspire and empower your audience. Have you tried everything?

But you're still...

Being plagued by fear of failure, self-doubt, roller-coaster emotions, and confusion as to why nothing you've tried works to get over it? 

  • Frustrated that you've applied every self-help strategy in the book, only to find it only gives you a quick boost in motivation before it quickly runs dry... & you don't know why?

  • Sick of not having the energy, focus & consistency to achieve your ambitious goals?

  • Being stopped by overwhelming & procrastination that makes even the smallest tasks feel enormous, no matter "how bad you want it"?

That journey started with reclaiming his health so he could have the necessary energy, confidence, and stamina to function at his optimal level with passion and purpose.

Luke has discovered and believes that we were all created from and for greatness. That happiness and success are already ours if we're willing to grow and transform into that next best version of ourselves that can achieve anything we put our mind to. 

His mission is to empower others with the ability to set themselves free and live the life of their dreams through his Transformational Coaching programs and courses.

You can find Luke here:

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