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Ep 145 How to Redefine What you are Capable of with Roxane Gray

October 09, 2022 Julie DeLucca-Collins Season 1 Episode 145
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Ep 145 How to Redefine What you are Capable of with Roxane Gray
Show Notes

In this week's show episode, I speak to another friend I met through the No BS Weighloss group.

A few weeks ago, she shared on Facebook that she had signed up to do this vast adventurous experience.

I knew immediately that I wanted to have her on the show to talk about this more. Roxane agreed but told me she would be a guest after the event.

On September 22nd through September 25th, she and her husband David embarked on an incredible experience in Whistler, BC.   

The incredible adventure my friend had sign-up for involved 1 mountain. 36 hours. 29029 vertical feet.

This experience is called Eversting 29029. Event organizers rent a mountain, and participants have 36 hours to climb 29029 ft. This is the height of Mt. Everest. This is an adventure and not a race. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself and compete against yourself.

Many people are probably asking why would anyone want to do this. As someone who has challenged herself before, I can relate to the desire to do this since overcoming the challenges we set for ourselves change us significantly.

At times, facing these challenges show us what we are really made of. Combining physical, spiritual, and mental challenges shows us how strong we can be.

These experiences not only grow us but show us that no matter what life brings, we are made of solid stuff that we can tap into at any time.

Roxane embarked on this adventure, hoping to feel proud of herself. In addition, she pushed through self-doubt, even when her pace started to falter, and found the inner strength within her to conquer more than Everest.

Check out this conversation to learn about this extraordinary adventure and how YOU, too, can conquer the mountains we all face in our life.

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