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How to Become a Changemaker in the World with Laura Hartley

November 19, 2022 Episode 151
Casa De Confidence Podcast
How to Become a Changemaker in the World with Laura Hartley
Show Notes

As changemakers, we need to not just navigate the world as it is, but the world as it could be.

This isn’t easy though when we’re filled with self-doubt or shame, crippled by perfectionism or distrusting of power.  It’s hard to make change when we’re exhausted with burnout, stressed in overwork or frozen with indecision.

You could read another book, get another degree, join another course.

Or you could choose to work one-on-one to get free.

To detox from culture so you can listen to your inner knowing and navigate to a more just, regenerative and equitable world.

Because changemaking requires inner work. 

We need to know not just how to dismantle systems ‘out there’, but how to dismantle their tendrils from within us.

We need to claim our power and learn to read a room for it.

To understand power dynamics, as well as how to steward, shift and share power.

We need to know how to navigate systems that were not designed for us.

How to vision and seed a new world even when others say it can’t be done.

Because this is what we’re here for – to remake the world.

Laura Hartley is an activist, coach, and founder of Public Love Enterprises, an online school empowering changemakers to radically reimagine the world, creating the conditions for social healing and collective thriving.  Laura is fascinated by the space between inner and outer change, and her work empowers changemakers to get free, dismantling capitalism & patriarchy from the inside out.   She runs programs in healing burnout culture, regenerative leadership & feminist business. She is also the host of the Public Love Project, a podcast interviewing activists & thought leaders on remaking the world.   Laura lives and works on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia but can frequently be found with her gluten-free snacks somewhere in the wild.

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