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How to empower and celebrate growth while learning with Caroline Sumners

December 18, 2022 Julie DeLucca-Collins Episode 155
Casa De Confidence Podcast
How to empower and celebrate growth while learning with Caroline Sumners
Show Notes

Did you know that executive function skills can help us thrive and succeed?

Sadly, these are not skills we are not born with and taught in school. 

These skills are crucial for success in school and our overall life. Executive functioning skills are mental skills that enable us to manage every area of our daily lives.

Attention, problem-solving, flexible thinking, working memory, self-control, and even emotional control are executive functioning skills that allow us to manage day-to-day tasks, stay safe, and get things done.

When executive functioning skills are lacking, we can have challenges with planning, prioritization, organization, and staying on task.

Behavioral inhibition or emotional inhibition is part of executive functioning too.

In this week's episode, our guest Caroline Sumner firmly believes empowerment isn't a one-time event but a continuous process. She is the founder of Empower Academic Coaching, an online ADHD and academic coaching for kids and adults.

Caroline Sumners is the Founder & President of Empower Academic Coaching, where she helps middle and high school students and their families with customized strategies for learning and peacefully achieving their academic goals. Caroline is a former teacher with over 11 years of education experience, and she and her team members have supported over 170 families in their journey toward educational empowerment. Caroline lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her wife and 2 dogs.

Caroline finds that students aren't learning about these skills just one time; instead, she and her team reiterate these lessons again each time a student is ready to learn something new, explore a concept more deeply, or need a refresher on how that skill applies to a new situation.

Caroline, a former teacher, saw parents were frustrated because their child's school differed from their own experience. Most parents also found it tough for them and their children to juggle all assignments posted on different websites and platforms. Parents and students alike were finding the system difficult and frustrating.

"All students deserve to feel confident about their abilities, and all families deserve a stress-free dinner together -- without arguments over homework.

 Empower Academic help the students and adults they support believe that all students can succeed on their terms, both academically and personally. They use the coaching process to help students set goals, build confidence, apply strategies to their learning, and help families experience peace of mind.

They aim to help students have richer, more rewarding learning experiences through their commitment to empowerment, peace, and thoughtfulness.

You can connect with Caroline and Empower Academic Coaching here.


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