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How to Find your Stride in 2023 with my friends from the Fit Mess Podcast Jeremy and Zach

January 01, 2023 Episode 157
Casa De Confidence Podcast
How to Find your Stride in 2023 with my friends from the Fit Mess Podcast Jeremy and Zach
Show Notes

Finding your stride can be challenging on most days. As a new year begins, we sometimes feel the pressure to change our lives and be a new and improved version of who we are. 

In this week's show, I have two cool dudes who speak my language when it comes to shifting and evolving to take small steps every week toward a better, more fulfilling life.  

I also share how to find your word for the year in this episode.

The first step is to reflect.  

I want you to reflect on this past year and ask yourself these questions. Write down anything and everything that pops into your mind without self-editing.

  • What could I use more of in my life?
  • What could I use less of in my life?
  • What characteristics would I like to have?
  • By the end of the day, I feel (fill in the blank).
  • How do I want to feel?

Review your answers, and you’ll have a clearer vision of the direction you’d like to go or what you feel may be missing in your life.

Next, visualize what the perfect or ideal day would feel like. Pay attention here to the “Feel.” Think about how you want your morning routine to feel, how you want to feel at work or throughout the day, and how you want to feel right before you go to bed.

I personally use meditation or sitting in silence for a couple of minutes and asking myself, “What word do I want to focus on in 2023?”. This has been the framework that has worked for me.

Lastly, spend 10 minutes creating a list of the words that come to mind. No self-editing! Need some help? Check out my post on social media for some awesome works to choose from.

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