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What does it take to manifest your dreams with spiritual business coach Yolanda Boyarin

January 29, 2023 Episode 161
Casa De Confidence Podcast
What does it take to manifest your dreams with spiritual business coach Yolanda Boyarin
Show Notes

 As we close out January, we have discussed goals, habits, and intentionality for the new year.

One thing we have yet to talk about is Manifestation.

Like many, the word manifestation made me uncomfortable. This was mainly because it felt like it was too New Age and pseudo-psychology for me. 

When I first read the book Mindset by renowned Stanford University physiologist Carol Dweck Ph.D., I began to uncover how my mindset's power can dramatically influence my success at work and in almost every area of my life.

For the first time, I learned Manifestation has real science and evidence behind it. 

In some ways, like many people, I was brought up to believe that my abilities and talents were things I was born with and that I was incapable of changing over time.

I viewed failures as terrible things that defined me and that I should be ashamed of. In my personal development journey, I have grown to understand that my ability to do something can be improved with effort and learned behavior that we automate into habits.

Research suggests that if we genuinely believe we can achieve something and are willing to do the hard work, we can achieve it. Manifestation can also help us achieve our dreams because it helps us in reprogramming our brains. As humans, our brain is set to have a negativity bias. In other words, if we go for a nice date with our sweetie, our brain will focus not on the over-positive events of the night but perhaps the one rude waiter we encountered that evening. 

This science-based approach shows us that if we truly believe we can achieve something, we are willing to work to achieve it.

Consistent habits, work, and belief that we can do it. Perseverance is critical because creating new habits takes time, commitment, and willingness to be uncomfortable and fail before we can see success and the desired outcomes we dream of having. In other words, Manifestation is not about the woo but about the work. 

In this week's episode, I share my interview with Yolanda Boyrin, a money mindset and business coach for the driven entrepreneur ready to quantum leap. She is a certified coach, hypnotherapist, and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner. She helps entrepreneurs make and manifest more money, sales, and massive success that leads them to be completely fulfilled and live within their purpose.

Yolanda helps us learn more about manifestation, what it is and how to do it.

This interview is part of our Confident You Radio show, where we talk weekly with incredible individuals about what it takes to live in your purpose and how to help others do the same.

 You can connect with Yolanda here

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