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Overcoming Fear and Finding our inner Sheroe with Lauren Nelson

February 19, 2023 Episode 164
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Overcoming Fear and Finding our inner Sheroe with Lauren Nelson
Show Notes

How many times has fear paralyzed you into not taking action? 

In March 2020, I was paralyzed with fear, and this was before the Covid lockdown. At the same time, I still worked for a company in NYC. Although it seemed, I was hugely successful from the outside; I was terrified that my life did not mean anything beyond my fancy title of Chief Innovation Officer and my work. 

It was during that time I was reading the book Get Out of Your Own Way by Dave Hollis. When I read this quote, "I am responsible for finding fulfillment in my job, for being happy with what I do, for knowing my value regardless of my title, the company I work for, the salary I make, or the way anyone looks at all of it." I found myself catastrophizing and being all in my feeling. 

Over the next year, I was laid off and began to redefine my life. I participated in coaching with Dave Hollis and got to learn from him how he redefined his life and its meaning after leaving a successful career with Disney Studios. 

I have often heard it said, "People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime." I will forever be grateful to Dave Hollis for helping me navigate my story and learn how to deal with my fear and internal dialogue that was not serving me. 

In this episode, Dan and I begin paying tribute to Dave Hollis, who passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, February 11th.  

Here are other key points from this episode: 

What did Dave Hollis say to me regarding what legacy he wanted to leave in this world and what I think about the legacy I want to leave behind. 

  1. How fear fuels our cognitive distortions or the internal mental filters or biases that increase our misery, fuel our anxiety, and make us feel bad about ourselves
  2. We met our guest Lauren Nelson. Lauren wrote a children's book entitled "SHEROES of the Bible," which tells the stories of 26 heroic women from the Bible who pushed past their fears and watched God do miraculous things because of their faith.

Lauren says that fear has always been her greatest foe. She was sexually abused as a child, which left her with pronounced fear in her life. Because of her childhood trauma, Lauren has a deep passion and desire to minister to children and women who have been abused. Her book, SHEROES of the Bible, will help women and children conquer their fears and learn to intimately trust God, who loves them and who alone can heal their hearts.

You can find Lauren HERE:

If you want to learn how to overcome fear and the cognitive distortions that prevent us from living fully, download my mindful CEO Journal here:

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