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How to Engineer Success and Feel Like you are Enough with Michael Bauman

February 26, 2023 Julie DeLucca-Collins Episode 165
Casa De Confidence Podcast
How to Engineer Success and Feel Like you are Enough with Michael Bauman
Show Notes

There was a time in my life when from an outsider's perspective, I had it all. I had an awesome job traveling around the country, I had a circle of hugely successful friends, and I did not seem to have a care in the world.

The reality is that, like many overachievers, I was drowning. I felt I was not good enough. My energy was zapped daily with the stress of life, career, and relationships.

The truth is that I was disconnected from my real values and beliefs and doing everything I could not to be aware of the dissatisfaction and pain I was feeling inside.

Today's guest is the master of engineering the life you desire. After living on three different continents and experiencing distinct cultures, Michael Bauman has learned the key to transitions.

In this episode, Michael and I discuss how we can engineer the life we want and are meant to live.

Here are three takeaways from our conversation:

First, we speak about starting with WHY (we learned this from Simon Sinek).  May of us have outer success but don't feel like we are successful in all areas of life.
Starting with why helps you identify what drives you and define success for yourself.

Two, research says we have saboteurs that keep us in negative emotions instead. of the positive emotions that can help us reach happiness. People who achieve happiness also have been found to have a higher level of happiness.

Three, radical acceptance is a great way to deal with emotion. The acronym RAIN is an easy-to-remember tool for practicing mindfulness and compassion using the following four steps:

  • Recognize what is happening;
  • Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;
  • Investigate with interest and care;
  • Nurture with self-compassion.

You can take your time and explore RAIN as a stand-alone meditation or move through the steps whenever challenging feelings arise.

Here is a bit more about Michael: 

 A moment that changed his life, receiving the news of his first child, led him to decide to move to China with his wife. His decision has led him to grow professionally without knowing the language or the culture.

Michael was born and raised on the balmy tropical island of Papua New Guinea and has traveled worldwide, witnessing and participating in numerous cultures, perspectives, and fundamental values and belief systems. Currently, he lives with his family in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, Chinad.

Michael is launching a phenomenal mastermind. If you want to find out more, you can do so here
Connect with Michael here:


If you want to find out what sabotaging behaviors you have that keep you from living your best life, feeling happy, and engineering your success, take the quiz here to find out how you sabotage and how you can TAKE the Saboteur quiz here

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