Casa De Confidence Podcast

How gratitude and confidence is the key to happiness with Courtney McKenna

March 19, 2023 Episode 168
Casa De Confidence Podcast
How gratitude and confidence is the key to happiness with Courtney McKenna
Show Notes

In this Casa De Confidence Podcast episode, I speak with Courtney McKenna, who joined us live from her childhood bedroom. She is a musician and singer-songwriter. During our conversation, she shared how incredible it is to see how far she has come from her days of singing at church. 

Courtney went to school for marketing, and after college, she went to New York and soon realized that although she enjoyed the different creatives she held, she was most passionate about her music. 

It took some time for Courtney to find the belief in herself fully. One of the main things she has learned is that the more confidence she has in herself, her music career and business grow exponentially. 

Courtney spoke candidly about her relationship with her alcoholic dad. Her dad has played a big part in her life and music. As the oldest of two kids, she blamed herself for her dad's addiction. 

She wrote her song "Save Yourself" for her dad, which helped her release many of the emotions she has dealt with.  

Courtney learned the power of 

Music can be healing, and she can impact others through her art.

  1. The power of community is essential for all of us.
  2. Celebrating life and wins at all times is a good reminder that we are making progress. 

Courtney shares that confidence comes from showing up for yourself and giving yourself space to do the things you love and enjoy. 

We also speak about becoming an expert at anything; we must have over 10K hours of practice (from the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell). 

More about our guest: 

Courtney McKenna is a Los Angeles-based Artist and Marketer on a mission to help society shift into a healthier and happier collective. Courtney found music as a tool to help her cope with an unstable alcoholic father.

Courtney's focus is on building her music business. Courtney is a new member of the Recording Academy. Joined by her backing band Sweet Myths, Courtney has been producing a new southwest-inspired rock EP due summer of 2023. In 2022 Courtney released three new rock singles and two music videos surrounding the topic of addiction and mental health.

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