Casa De Confidence Podcast

The single fastest way to create confidence is wealth -with Amanda Neely

April 03, 2023 Episode 170
Casa De Confidence Podcast
The single fastest way to create confidence is wealth -with Amanda Neely
Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Dan, I shared about the wealth of goodness we are grateful for.

What is the difference between security and wealth? Is having an abundance of money give you wealth and security?

These are some of the questions we explore in today's podcast episode.  During our

With too many options, we can become paralyzed and not take action in our life.

Our guest, Amanda, encourages people who have done dreaming of what they want in life, but she helps them chart the course and plan for a financial future.

Amanda strives to be a part of diverse communities and has found that financial planners are crucial to help everyday Americans with sound financial advice.

She is also very clear on the abundance life has offered her and wants others to have the same. Amanda's mission is to help individuals in a community work together to build confidence and wealth.

Amanda says that we need to think like millionaires and learn to manage our cash flow.

Reviewing how you spend your money and finding what brings us joy with spending can be a great exercise for shifting and learning to budget more effectively.

 Amanda Neely is a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) professional and CEO of Wealth Wisdom Financial. She makes financial planning more accessible through podcasting, developing personalized financial strategies for individuals and couples, and profitability strategies for small businesses. She works virtually to help everyday Americans all over the United States to create smart, stable financial futures.

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