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Walking the Camino De Santiago: A Spiritual Journey with Wine and Wisdom Featuring Pastor Jeremiah Gibbs

April 06, 2023 Episode 171
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Walking the Camino De Santiago: A Spiritual Journey with Wine and Wisdom Featuring Pastor Jeremiah Gibbs
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In the latest episode of Casa De Confidence, #handsomehothusband Dan and I share our experiences walking a segment of the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain. We share some exciting and memorable experiences from the trip, including meeting people from all over the world and seeing beautiful landscapes.

The Camino De Santiago has been a pilgrimage route for over a thousand years. People walk the Camino for various reasons, including spiritual, cultural, and personal growth. We also discussed visiting the Wine Fountain from Bodegas de Irache, where we tasted wine from a fountain.

During today's interview, I am joined by Pastor Jeremiah Gibbs, the creator of the YouTube channel Camino Guide, to discuss his experience of walking the Camino De Santiago and how it relates to his ministry.

Jeremiah's YouTube channel, Camino Guide, is a resource for people planning to walk the Camino and those who want to learn more about the spiritual and cultural aspects of the pilgrimage.

Jeremiah also discusses the logistical aspect of the Camino De Santiago, explaining key components of the experience from equipment, spirituality, and making the most of your Camino.

I loved sharing Camino stories with our Jeremiah today. I am hoping that things work out and I am able to join Jeremiah's group heading out to walk the Camino on May 20th of this year. If not, I know his support in planning my upcoming experience will be invaluable.

Overall, this episode of Casa De Confidence is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage route. We provide an insider's perspective making this episode a must-listen for those planning to walk the Camino or simply curious about the experience.

If you are interested in learning more, make sure you connect with Jeremiah.
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