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Celebrating Mother's Day and Honoring Mom: A Special Reading from "Confident You"

May 14, 2023 Episode 176
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Celebrating Mother's Day and Honoring Mom: A Special Reading from "Confident You"
Show Notes

Happy Mother's day to all moms this year. 

In this episode of the Casa de Confidence podcast, host Julie pays tribute to Mother's Day by sharing a special reading from her book, "Confident You: Simple Habits to Live the Life You Have Imagined." In the book's epilogue, Julie reflects on the profound impact her mom has had on her life, and how her mom's unwavering love and support have helped her to become the confident and empowered woman she is today.

Despite her mom being in the hospital, Julie takes this opportunity to celebrate her mom's strength and resilience, and to honor her on this special day. Listeners will be inspired by the heartfelt words in the epilogue, which offer a powerful reminder of the importance of cherishing the relationships we have with the special women in our lives.

Tune in to this episode to hear the moving reading from "Confident You," and join Julie in celebrating the amazing moms everywhere.

This episode is a replay from last year Julie. Today, Julie's mom MT is in the hospital. She has been three since Friday. Earlier in the week she had been discharged and unfortunately she had to return due to some complications. 

Julie wanted to replay this episode to share how much she loves and admires her mom. 


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