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The Most Inspiring Mentor for Gifted and Neurodiverse Individuals - Dianne Allen

July 09, 2023 Dianne Allen Episode 184
Casa De Confidence Podcast
The Most Inspiring Mentor for Gifted and Neurodiverse Individuals - Dianne Allen
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Julie welcomes guest Diane Allen, a mentor who works with gifted and neurodiverse individuals and families.

They discuss topics such as morning routines, habits, and personal journeys. Diane shares her experiences and insights on discipline, authenticity, and following one's inner calling.

They also talk about Diane's work as an author and her book recommendations. The conversation delves into the power of words, the importance of mindfulness, and the inspiration found in everyday interactions. Julie expresses her admiration for Diane's work and they discuss the impact it has on their network and community. Diane shares where listeners can find her on social media and her website.

Morning routines and habits [00:03:25] The hosts discuss the importance of morning routines and habits, including the practice of positive affirmations and setting oneself up for success.

Overcoming challenges and creating new habits [00:06:16] The conversation shifts to the topic of discipline and the importance of creating new habits, even when one doesn't feel like it, in order to achieve excellence and fulfillment.

Diane's personal journey and finding equilibrium [00:08:06] Diane shares her personal journey, including her struggles with depression and bullying, and how she has found a place of equilibrium through years of personal work.

The spiritual calling [00:11:30] Diane talks about her spiritual journey, her purpose, and the importance of being authentic and true to oneself.

The value of personal stories [00:12:59] Diane shares how she started talking about her personal stories on her podcast to inspire and help others overcome challenges.

The unexpected path to spirituality [00:15:39] Diane recounts how she stumbled upon spirituality and faith, starting with a curiosity about a particular church and eventually going to seminary.

  • The inspiration to become an author [00:23:27] * Diane shares her core belief that if people ask for something and she can deliver it, it's her responsibility to do so. People asked her to write down her ideas, so she handwrote her first book in a weekend.
  • The hardest book to write [00:24:41] * Diane talks about her upcoming book titled "Someone Gets Me," which is about how intensely sensitive people can navigate an insensitive world. She faced various challenges while writing it, including medical issues and external disruptions.
  • Diane's definition of confidence [00:29:43] * Diane defines confidence as someone who is competent and aware of their competence. She believes that many people second-guess themselves because of the definitions imposed by society.

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