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Asking for Help: Breaking the Stigma and Embracing Support with Brad Walsh

July 16, 2023 Episode 185
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Asking for Help: Breaking the Stigma and Embracing Support with Brad Walsh
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Julie interviews Brad Walsh, a father, husband, photographer, author, and podcast host. They discuss Brad's platform, Empowerography, which aims to empower women by sharing their stories of success and transformation.

 They discuss the importance of vulnerability, breaking societal conditioning, and normalizing conversations about difficult topics. Brad emphasizes the need for a support system and celebrating accomplishments. They also discuss the challenges of transitioning to entrepreneurship and the stigma around asking for help.

 Brad and Julie express their desire to impact and inspire others positively. The episode concludes with Julie encouraging listeners to pursue their dreams confidently.

Brad Walsh is a Professional Photographer who found himself wanting to inspire others during the pandemic. He birthed the idea of EMPOWEROGRAPHY as a platform to highlight strong, inspired, and dynamic women to share their stories of success, triumph, resiliency and transformation.

 Brad's Journey into Photography Brad discusses his journey into photography, starting with his interest in architecture and landscapes and how he eventually became a boudoir photographer.

 Mentoring with a Boudoir Photographer Brad talks about his mentorship with a boudoir photographer in Florida and how it inspired him to focus on boudoir photography and empowering women.

 Starting the Empowerography Podcast Brad explains how he decided to start the Empowerography podcast as a way to have a wider impact and shine a light on women's stories and experiences.

Breaking societal conditioning and sharing stories . Exploring how societal and parental conditioning affects women's ability to talk about their struggles and the need to break that conditioning by sharing stories.

The importance of celebrating. Brad emphasizes the need to celebrate accomplishments and take the time to slow down, reflecting on the lessons learned during the past three years.

Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship . Brad shares his experience of leaving his corporate job to pursue his passion for photography and empowering women, highlighting the importance of having a support system and not waiting for the perfect time.

Dealing with self-doubt and building a community . Brad discusses his struggles with self-doubt and insecurity, emphasizing the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people and doing the necessary self-work. He also mentions the challenges of building a community and the need for authenticity in entrepreneurship.

The importance of asking for help . Brad discusses how women are cond

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