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Getting to Great: A Five-Step Strategy for Work and Life Based on Science and Stories

August 14, 2023 Julie DeLucca-Collins Episode 190
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Getting to Great: A Five-Step Strategy for Work and Life Based on Science and Stories
Show Notes

As the host of the podcast "Casa de Confidence," I have the privilege of introducing you to some truly remarkable individuals. 

I am thrilled to share my conversation with Madelaine Weis, a Harvard-trained licensed psychotherapist, mindset expert, and board-certified executive career life coach. Madelaine's impressive credentials extend beyond her academic achievements, as she is also a best-selling author and has held prestigious positions at Harvard Medical School.

A Lifelong Learner

Madelaine's journey is one of constant learning and growth. She describes herself as a "learning junkie," always eager to expand her knowledge and overcome challenges. This hunger for learning is a coping strategy for her and a fun way to broaden her horizons.

I found myself resonating with Madelaine's passion for learning. However, our conversation also emphasized the importance of distinguishing between moving toward something positive and avoiding something that must be addressed. We discussed how unresolved issues and patterns could repeat if not properly addressed, a lesson that is crucial for personal growth.

For those interested in connecting with Madelaine, she provides her website and email for listeners to reach out. She also offers a free strategy session, encouraging listeners to take action.

In conclusion, my conversation with Madelaine Weiss was a learning, growth, and success journey. Her insights and experiences serve as a guiding light for anyone seeking personal and professional growth.

Connect to Madelaine here


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