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Brewing Success: Tonia Jahshan's Recipe for Building a Multimillion-Dollar Tea Business

August 20, 2023 Julie DeLucca-Collins and Tonia Jahshan Episode 191
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Brewing Success: Tonia Jahshan's Recipe for Building a Multimillion-Dollar Tea Business
Show Notes

Today's guest often speaks on  

Passion | Perseverance | Purpose: 3Ps to Triumph!

“Sometimes it takes an extreme event to spark a life-changing epiphany.”  Tonia Jahshan.

Tonia's journey began after experiencing a heartbreaking miscarriage. During this difficult time, she discovered solace in tea and the power of wellness drinks. With a passion for helping others, Tonia turned her newfound love for tea into a business, which is how Sipology was born.

During our conversation, Tonia opened up about the challenges she faced along the way. She candidly shares a period of financial struggle that almost led to bankruptcy. Additionally, she discusses her battle with mental health, highlighting the importance of self-care and resilience in entrepreneurship.

We also delve into the significance of setting boundaries and being open about mental health. Tonia believes that openly discussing these topics can create a supportive and understanding environment for all entrepreneurs. Furthermore, she enlightens us on the health benefits of matcha, a key ingredient in Sipology's products.

Excitingly, Tonia reveals her plans for a new podcast, where she aims to continue empowering women entrepreneurs and sharing their stories. She emphasizes the strong community and support that Sipology provides to women in business, fostering an environment of growth and collaboration.

Join me as I dive deep into Tonia Jahshan's inspiring journey with Sipology. Together, we'll explore the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, the importance of self-care, and the power of community. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by Tanya's story of resilience and success.

Tonia proclaimed Canada’s #1 female entrepreneur, is often praised for being one of the biggest success stories in the history of Dragons’ Den. Learn the inside scoop of Dragons’ David Chilton and Jim Treliving’s investment and what it means today, seven years later!

Hear how Tonia’s drive and determination fueled her to build a bold, scalable enterprise that empowered people to earn a lucrative income on their own terms.
No matter where you are in life, learn how you can, 

  • Transcend yourself. Empower action. Achieve results.
  • Discover the secrets behind the scenes of Tonia's success with the Dragons' and how this can become a reality for you too!
  • Walk away feeling empowered to take action on your own idea and be inspired to build an attainable business of your own.

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