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From Tragedy to Triumph: A Conversation with Brenda Adelman

September 10, 2023 Episode 194
Casa De Confidence Podcast
From Tragedy to Triumph: A Conversation with Brenda Adelman
Show Notes

In a recent episode of my podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Brenda Adelman, an award-winning actor, forgiveness coach, and a beacon of resilience. Brenda's journey from personal tragedy to forgiveness and healing is nothing short of inspiring. In this blog post, I'll share some of the key insights from our conversation.

Meeting Brenda Adelman

Brenda Adelman is not just an accomplished actor but also a recipient of the Hero of Forgiveness award. Her one-woman show, "My Brooklyn Hamlet," is a testament to her life story of forgiving the unforgivable. Beyond her acting career, Brenda is a teacher and mentor for mission-driven performers and small business owners, helping them create successful TEDx-style talks and one-person shows.

I first met Brenda at her summit, where she was a gracious host. Her content led to incredible transformations for the participants, a testament to her ability to inspire and guide others.

Brenda's Origin Story

Brenda's life took a tragic turn when her father killed her mother and married her aunt. This defining moment could have led her to withdraw, but instead, she chose to move forward with forgiveness and healing. Her acting background helped her express herself and cope with the tragedy, leading her to create her one-woman show and eventually pursue a master's degree in spiritual psychology.

The Importance of Healthy Boundaries

During our conversation, Brenda emphasized the importance of setting healthy boundaries. She suggested using a scale of 1 to 5 to gauge one's feelings towards someone, with 1 being intense hatred and 5 being neutrality or even sending positive energy to that person. She also recommended tools like free-form writing and expressing anger in a safe and healthy way, such as through therapy or primal scream workshops.

Brenda shared an example of setting a healthy boundary with an abusive family member during the holidays. Instead of avoiding the family gathering, she suggested not staying in the same home as the abusive sibling or setting a time limit for the visit if negative behavior arises. This way, one can still show love and support for their mother while protecting their own well-being.

The Power of Forgiveness

Brenda's journey of forgiveness was initially painful but ultimately healing. She explained that expressing anger is crucial for forgiveness to occur. I shared my experience setting boundaries with my family and emphasized the importance of forgiveness in the process.


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