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Taking action and embracing imperfection: Encouragement for a healthier, happier you with Dawn Dimicco

September 24, 2023 Julie DeLucca-Collins Episode 196
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Taking action and embracing imperfection: Encouragement for a healthier, happier you with Dawn Dimicco
Show Notes

In today's episode with Dawn DiMicco we talked about personal setbacks, challenges, and strategies for making positive changes in one's life.

The Power of Seeking Help and Creating a Plan

My guest, Dawn DiMicco, shared her personal setbacks and challenges. She spoke about a moment of physical exhaustion that led her to realize she needed to make a change. Despite being a former all-American athlete, she found herself winded while making her bed. This moment was a wake-up call, leading to feelings of shame, embarrassment, and anger.

The biggest challenge for Dawn was acknowledging she couldn't do it alone and needed help. She emphasized the importance of having a plan to follow and eliminating barriers that hinder action. She also highlighted the significance of being a great teammate to oneself and building a support system for success.

i related to Dawn's experiences and discussed the importance of coaching oneself and making choices that align with one's goals. We also touched on the importance of eliminating decision fatigue, a common barrier to achieving our goals.

Rethinking Fitness: Lifting Weights Over Cardio
We debunked the misconception that cardio is necessary for weight loss and toning. Instead, we emphasized the importance of lifting heavy weights to build muscle and increase calorie burn even at rest. Dawn advised finding a coach or mentor who has achieved success in a healthy way and starting with simple, sustainable habits.

I shared my own weight loss journey, which took two years and focused on creating new habits and making incremental changes. We also discussed the challenges of maintaining weight loss and the need for a support system.

Celebrating Small Victories and Understanding Personal Motivation
Dawn shared a story about a friend who was feeling down about her day. She helped her see the wins and accomplishments she had, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and celebrating small victories each day.

She also highlighted the significance of understanding why certain goals and changes matter to us personally. Dawn shared a story about a client who wanted to lose weight so she could ride a roller coaster with her daughter, highlighting the power of having a strong motivation.

We touched on the impact our self-talk and body image can have on ourselves and those around us, emphasizing the need to be kind to ourselves and appreciate our bodies.

Embracing Imperfection and Focusing on What We Can Control
Dawn shared her experience with a total knee replacement and the challenges she faced during her recovery. She adapted her workouts and focused on other parts of her body while her leg healed. She emphasized the i

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