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The Ultimate Guide to Achieving High Performance and Wellness with Julie Lowe

September 30, 2023 Julie Lowe Episode 197
Casa De Confidence Podcast
The Ultimate Guide to Achieving High Performance and Wellness with Julie Lowe
Show Notes

A Weekend of Reflection and Celebration

This weekend, I'll be attending a celebration of life for my dear friend Heidi Severson, who recently passed away. It's a time of reflection and remembrance. We also celebrate the 220th birthday of Ferdinand Berthier, a French deaf educator who championed the deaf identity and culture. His life and work remind us of the importance of inclusivity and understanding.

Mindset, Health, and the Power of Kaizen

Dan and I recently delved into the topic of mindset and health, a theme that resonates with our upcoming guests. I've been working on my goal of walking 10,000 steps a day, and Megan Schmidt, one of our listeners, has kindly offered to be my accountability partner. This journey has led us to discuss the concept of kaizen, which emphasizes small, continuous improvements. It's a powerful tool that can be applied to personal goals, reminding us that every step counts.

Empowering Women at The Village

I recently had the privilege of visiting The Village, an organization that provides financial literacy and support to women and families in need. I was moved by a story of how The Village helped a woman secure a deposit and furnishings for her home. I also had the opportunity to participate in the Empowered Women event, a partnership between Women United and The Village. We discussed relationship building, motherhood, and budgeting tips, all crucial aspects of empowering women.

A Dose of Positivity and the Kaizen Story

I had an enlightening interview with Donna Malt from A Dose of Positivity. I highly recommend checking out the interview on Facebook or following me for more content. I also had a fascinating discussion with Stephen Bartlett, author of "Diary of a CEO," about the kaizen story and his 33 laws of success.

Introducing Julie Lowe: A High-Performance Coach

Our guest for this episode is Julie Lowe, a high-performance coach and neuro coach who has worked with Brendan Bouchard. We delve into Julie Lowe's journey and her pivot from helping individuals with Facebook ads to focusing on personal development and success habits. I admire Julie Lowe's mindfulness and values, and we share many experiences and struggles. She has an upcoming book, "A Few Good Habits," which I'm excited to read.

Connect with Coach Julie Lowe HERE

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