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Unlocking Epic Sex and Pleasure: A Conversation with Tilly Storm

October 06, 2023 Julie DeLucca-Collins Episode 198
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Unlocking Epic Sex and Pleasure: A Conversation with Tilly Storm
Show Notes

I recently welcomed Tilly Storm, a somatic safe sex and intimacy coach, onto the show. Tilly is also the host of the Multi-Orgasmic Millionaire podcast, which has gained recognition and a devoted following of over 330,000 listeners. She is known for her unique blend of wisdom, southern sass, and unapologetic authenticity.

A Journey Towards Sexual Empowerment

Tilly didn't grow up thinking she would become a sex coach. Raised in a Southern Baptist household, there was no talk about pleasure, relationships, or conscious communication. However, her curiosity led her to explore her sexuality at the age of 27, leading her to discover the Taoist practice called the Jade Egg.

Like Tilly, I also grew up in a religious environment that instilled guilt and shame around sex. It's a regret that many of us share, but it's also a catalyst for change and growth.

Overcoming Doubts and Pursuing Passion

Tilly's journey to becoming a sex and relationship coach wasn't without doubts. She had to consider the financial implications. However, she knew deep down that this was her calling and couldn't ignore it.

I admire Tilly's courage in deciding to follow her heart and help others in the process. It's a common struggle to second-guess oneself and care too much about what others think. But it's crucial not to let external opinions keep you from pursuing your true passion.

From City Planner to Sex Coach

Before becoming a coach, Tilly worked as a city planner but was fired for breastfeeding her child. This experience solidified her determination to show her kids that it's possible to do what you love and make a good living from it. Her family, who always saw her as the black sheep, accepted her unique path without question.

Reclaiming Sexuality and Overcoming Challenges

Tilly offers a diverse range of programs aimed at helping women reclaim their sexuality and overcome various challenges. Many of her clients seek her help due to a lack of sexual desire or struggles in their relationships and sex lives.

The Importance of Embodiment and Personal Practice

Tilly's training in sex, love, and relationships required her to do extensive self-training before working with clients—this involved breathwork, shadow work, and creating an intentional self-pleasure practice.

Many people feel uncomfortable when they start working with Tilly due to shame and guilt surrounding self-pleasure. However, Tilly emphasizes the importance of knowing what pleases you and how it can enhance your experiences with a partner.

Exploring Different Types of Orgasms

Tilly introduces the concept of eight different types of orgasms.


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