Casa De Confidence Podcast

The Impact of Childhood Experiences and Current Events on Mental Health: A Personal Conversation

October 15, 2023 Julie DeLucca-Collins Episode 199
Casa De Confidence Podcast
The Impact of Childhood Experiences and Current Events on Mental Health: A Personal Conversation
Show Notes

In this episode, I opened up about my childhood in El Salvador during the Civil War, which left an indelible mark on my psyche. I also shared my journey of embracing the Jewish faith and culture through my marriage and my deep concern for the current events unfolding in Israel.

Our guests, Reina and Simon, brought their unique perspectives to the table. Reina shared her personal experience of living through a traumatic event in Israel and how it affected her mental health. Simon, an Orthodox and pro-Zionist Jew, provided a brief history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how it deeply affected him and his family.

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. The Lasting Impact of Childhood Experiences: My childhood experiences during the civil war in El Salvador have shaped my views, values, and trauma. It's a reminder of how early experiences can leave a lasting impact on our mental health.
  2. The Power of Empathy: We emphasized the importance of holding space for each other and empathizing with others' experiences. It's crucial to have open conversations and understanding rather than canceling people with different perspectives.
  3. The Ongoing Conflict in Israel: We discussed the current events in Israel, not to be political, but to create an open and honest conversation and to show respect for one another. We highlighted the ongoing atrocities and human rights violations happening today.
  4. The Importance of Awareness: Reina highlighted the power of sharing images and videos to expose the destruction happening in Israel. These visuals should serve as a reminder of the lives lost and the importance of taking action to minimize the suffering.
  5. Protecting Children on Social Media: We discussed the importance of curating and protecting children's content on social media platforms. Open conversations about important topics are crucial.

I thank Reina and Simon for their invaluable contributions to this discussion. Their experiences and insights have enriched our understanding of these complex issues.

I encourage you to listen to this episode and gain knowledge, understanding, and empathy from our discussion. Remember, the more we speak up and speak out, the better our collective living environment will be.

Today's show aims to create a meaningful, respectful dialogue on the events of our world. To show support for ALL who are hurting. I hope you found some level of information, education, and perhaps inspiration to help. Be THE CHANGE peace can begin with us

The purpose of this episode was to provide context on what some of our friends may be experiencing.  However, WAR sucks. No one is a winner. Lives are being lost, and many

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