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From physician to TV show host: How Dr. Wright is empowering the homeless community through crowdfunding

October 22, 2023 Episode 200
Casa De Confidence Podcast
From physician to TV show host: How Dr. Wright is empowering the homeless community through crowdfunding
Show Notes

WELCOME TO 200 Episodes! 

This week, I enjoyed interviewing Dr. Leticia Wright, a media, business crowdfunding, and philanthropy expert.

Dr. Wright shared her journey of teaching people how to monetize their shows and raise business funds through crowdfunding. She emphasized that crowdfunding can be a game-changer, especially for women and people of color who often face challenges in accessing venture capital.

Dr. Wright's personal experience as a physician and her success in starting a TV show using crowdfunding is a testament to the power of crowdfunding in leveling the playing field. She highlighted the importance of crowdfunding in providing opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and receive support.

Dr. Wright has run multiple crowdfunding campaigns and shared her experiences and insights. She emphasized the importance of testing ideas and generating income before taking on debt. According to her, crowdfunding provides market validation and helps entrepreneurs avoid financial risks. She advised entrepreneurs to consider alternative funding options and be mindful of their cash flow.

We also discussed the power of having a platform to amplify one's voice and generate income. In this episode, Dr. Wright shares her personal frustrations with the lack of support in their previous business venture and how they found success in the media industry.

Her TV show can be accessed through platforms like Amazon, Roku, and Apple TV, and she stressed the importance of regularly checking these channels for updates or issues.

Dr. Wright's passion for philanthropy was truly inspiring. She talked about her involvement in building apartment buildings for the elderly LGBTQ+ population and working with a project in Orange County that teaches at-risk kids about entrepreneurship. She emphasized the potential of these kids to become successful entrepreneurs and offered assistance through their website.

Today's podcast episode provided valuable insights and practical advice on crowdfunding, media, and philanthropy.

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