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The ultimate guide to becoming the most organized person, with Janet M. Taylor

November 26, 2023 Janet M. Taylor Episode 205
Casa De Confidence Podcast
The ultimate guide to becoming the most organized person, with Janet M. Taylor
Show Notes

Janet M. Taylor is the founder of Totally Organized LLC.  In April 2018, Janet appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, where she was crowned the Clutter Free Queen. Janet has also appeared on HGTV’s Mission Organization.  She has also been a featured speaker for IKEA and the Philadelphia Home Show. In 2020, Janet’s organized home was featured in Apartment Therapy. In our recent conversation, we delved into the world of organization, discussing everything from personal habits to our emotional attachment to objects.

From Layoff to Launching a Business
Janet's journey into the world of organization began when she was laid off from a job she loved. Rather than seeing this as a setback, she used it as an opportunity to launch her own business, Totally Organized LLC. Her passion for organization stems from her childhood experiences and witnessing the impact of disorganization on people's lives.

The Struggle with Organization
I can personally relate to Janet's passion for organization. Like many, I've had my own struggles with staying organized. I've found that incorporating small habits into my daily routine has been instrumental in maintaining a sense of order. However, it's not always easy. I remember feeling embarrassed when a friend visited and saw the state of my home. Janet reassured me that people are often not as judgmental as we think and that relationships are more important than the state of our homes.

Other major things we discussed include:

Overcoming the Shame of Disorganization
Practical Solutions to Organizational Challenges
The Importance of Organizing Belongings and Time
Emotional Attachment to Objects
Taking Small Steps Towards Organization

Janet emphasized the importance of taking small steps towards organization, such as tackling a junk drawer or a corner of a room. She encourages listeners to donate, recycle, or let go of items that no longer serve them, knowing that it's a process and not an overnight transformation.

In conclusion, my conversation with Janet M. Taylor deeply delved into the organization world. It was a reminder that organization is not just about decluttering our spaces but also about understanding our habits, managing our time, and dealing with our emotional attachments to objects. It's a journey, not a destination, and every small step counts.

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