Casa DeConfidence Podcast

Dan and Julie Conversation - Looking ahead to our second year

May 02, 2021 Season 1 Episode 73
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
Dan and Julie Conversation - Looking ahead to our second year
Show Notes

It is a beautiful day in Connecticut. Today we bring you another special episode.
In this episode, we share some of the exciting new things you can expect to see in the podcast this second year.
Last week we shared the big announcement that we are launching our own little Casa Insiders listener Patreon Membership.
By joining our Patron family you can have exclusive access to Patreon
   Ask us anything happy hour- Join us for a monthly conversation where you can ask Dan and Julie anything. We will also share exclusive add-free content and extra bonus clips of the interviews with our guests.
   Mindfulness meditations - We will be adding new Peaceful You meditations. You can access newly recorded meditations and extra tools to help you grow in your mindfulness practice.
  What are we watching/doing? Self-care -You hear us talk about what we watch, what we like and now under this offering, you will get a deeper dive into the shows we love (TV, Podcasts, and Movies)
   Book Club - Casa DeConfidence will also be hosting a monthly book club. In this offering, you will get exclusive access to conversations with the authors of the books we are reading. You will get to ask questions and meet these awesome writers close up.  We also have A Little Shot of Confidence returning! During these quick shots, Julie will be distilling the lessons and concepts we learn during the episodes without guests. These gems our guests have shared are tools for us to grow in our journey to confidence.  Dan officially announced that he will be launching Confidently Podcast Services. His aim is to support individuals who are dreaming of launching their own show. He has already been producing and editing shows for others, however, he is now expanding the offers to help individuals create and launch a successful podcast with a winning strategy behind it. From concept to launch, weekly editing, producing, and more, Dan is ready to help you Go Confidently with YOUR SHOW!
Lastly, don't forget the 5 Day Productivity Challenge.
Monday MAY 10th, I am launching a free, 5-part, Facebook Live Series, titledGET SH-TUFF DONE CHALLENGEThis 5-Day Productivity Challenge helps Overwhelmed, Tired, Sidetracked Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers, regain direction for their business, learn how to build momentum toward their goals, and find the right clarity that will allow them to grow their business and grow their income. (BTW, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to participate)

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