Casa DeConfidence Podcast

Suzanne Orlando - Anxiety Alchemist

May 16, 2021 Julie DeLucca-Collins Season 1 Episode 75
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
Suzanne Orlando - Anxiety Alchemist
Show Notes

May is Mental Health Awareness Month? In support of all those who struggle with any form of mental health, we are incredibly excited to have the Anxiety Alchemist, Suzanne Orlando, join us for our latest Casa DeConfidence release. 


Suzanne was once controlled by her anxiety, letting it dictate her life and influence her choices. Until one day she said NO MORE! While change didn't happen over night, she began implementing strategies to take back control of her anxiety, stress and worries.


Now she is living her dream of choosing how to spend her time, allowing herself to be more present, intentional and purposeful for herself and her family. She never has to worry about feeling CONTROLLED by her anxiety ever again.


On top of that, Suzanne is now helping others to achieve their goals to decrease anxiety and live their best lives! If you have struggled with anxiety or know someone who does, this is one podcast that you can't miss! 


Do you want to connect with Suzanne? Make sure to check her out on her:


Facebook Group: EmpowHER Community

Instagram: Anxiety Alchemist

Podcast: Redefine Your Purpos(es) with the Anxiety Alchemist 

YouTube: Suzanne Elizabeth Orlando



May is Mental Health Awareness Month! if you or anyone you know is struggling emotionally, please go here for some great resources. 




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