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Kelly Gunther - Olympic Comeback Kid - Speed Skater

June 06, 2021 Kelly Gunther Season 1 Episode 78
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Kelly Gunther - Olympic Comeback Kid - Speed Skater
Show Notes

Kelly Gunther (born August 14, 1987) is an American speed skater who participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics. She began roller skating at age six, briefly tried figure skating, then took up inline speed skating. As an inline skater, she won multiple World Championship gold medals on the United States relay team. In 2009, she transitioned to ice speed skating.
At the 2010 Olympic trials, Gunther appeared to make the United States speed skating team but was bumped from the team after another skater was granted a re-skate. In March 2010, she fell during a race and suffered a double-compound fracture that nearly severed her foot from her leg. After intensive rehab, Gunther was able to return to skating and set two personal best times in November 2011. She made the 2011–2012 World Cup team and placed third in the 1000 meters at the 2011–2012 national championships. At the 2014 U.S. Olympic trials, she skated a personal best time of 1:16.43 in the 1000 meters to place fourth and make the Olympic team.
Kelly and I met through the Clubhouse app and I now have the honor of calling her a friend. I love that Kelly has big dreams and I am helping her go after her dreams. I know her inspirational story will help her touch the lives of all the individuals that hear her speak.
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