Casa De Confidence Podcast

Falling Forward with Molly Dare, Founder of HillenBRAND Media

August 29, 2021 Season 1 Episode 90
Casa De Confidence Podcast
Falling Forward with Molly Dare, Founder of HillenBRAND Media
Show Notes

In this week's episode, I have the pleasure of speaking to my friend Molly Dare. Molly's club on ClubHouse, On-Air with Molly Dare, and Media Mavens are known for hosting rooms full of motivation and positive mindset conversations.  I enjoy being a part of her virtual stages and being inspired by what she calls her" vibe tribe." 

Molly is known for her fun and outgoing presence on camera as well as being a PR powerhouse! Founder of hillenBRAND Media, she focuses on PR for brands and businesses all over the world. 

Molly is originally from New Jersey and has prior to relocating to South Florida, she lived in New York City and Chicago.  Molly started her professional career at Goldman Sachs in NYC, moved on to the PR world in the music industry, and after her two beautiful children were born she opened two successful luxury children’s clothing stores in NJ and Chicago.

Molly is a proud mom to two beautiful daughters. She is a philanthropist and supporter of individuals and many charities.

Molly was a TV Host for  Eye on South Florida but now she prides herself being behind the camera bringing you The Spotlight Series which was created to highlight entrepreneurs and help them to promote their brands or their story.

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