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The Awakening Motherhood Project

September 19, 2021 Rachael Amarante Season 1 Episode 93
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
The Awakening Motherhood Project
Show Notes

"What We Think, We Become." - Buddha

These wise words are the favorite quote of our latest Casa DeConfidence Podcast feature, Rachael Amarante! Rachael is a mother of four young boys and the creator of The Awakening Motherhood Project.

Are you a mom? Mothers carry the weight of their family’s physical and emotional needs every moment of every day. When women become mothers, their branding becomes who they are. It’s much more than a job title or responsibility; it is suddenly everything. Literally all the things.

But what if we could look at motherhood differently? What if motherhood wasn’t all that you are? That is where Rachael comes in! In her business, she shares simple, actionable ways to find joy and confidence in the chaos of our lives, including recipes, tips, and ways to conquer the hard stuff in motherhood. She believes our behaviors and relationships with ourselves, our food, and our communities mold the way our children view the world.

We love Rachael's work because it is not meant to be daunting, or another pressure added to our plates. As Rachael says, “It is a powerful privilege to create the future. We can do that together.”

We hope that you will join us this week in welcoming Rachael and all mothers to the podcast!

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