Casa De Confidence Podcast

The Organized Flamingo! Stephanie Deininger

October 03, 2021 Season 1 Episode 95
Casa De Confidence Podcast
The Organized Flamingo! Stephanie Deininger
Show Notes

How often do you feel overwhelmed by life? Did you know that a large part of that can stem from disorganization? Having a messy house, car, desk, or even phone can throw your day out of wack if you are constantly digging and searching for different items. Today, we are going to challenge our past practices and see how we can do better with Stephanie Deininger.

Stephanie is an organizing and productivity professional as well as the founder of The Organized Flamingo. She began her career working in the hospitality industry in California before starting her first company as a professional organizer where she worked for large corporations.

After 16 years of being in the industry, she went back to school to obtain her MBA and then opened The Organized Flamingo. Through her company Stephanie is able to focus on her passion of simplifying people’s lives with all things organizing and productivity, really tapping into the type of mindfulness we teach here!

Are you ready to get organized? Tune into our latest release of the Casa DeConfidence Podcast to learn how!

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