Casa DeConfidence Podcast

The 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide! Shop Confidently with Us

November 21, 2021 Season 1 Episode 102
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
The 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Guide! Shop Confidently with Us
Show Notes

Can you believe that the holiday season is almost here! We want to give you a helping hand this holiday season, which is why we have crafted a unique holiday gift guide for small, local business owners! Please do your part to support the community and shop local by tuning into our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide special podcast episode and seeing the guide live on our website!   

Fire Within Candle Co
 Hi, I am Kelly, founder, and creator of Fire Within Candle Company. My hand-poured candles are created for you to have something in your home that reminds you that you are enough and to find the joy in life. Check out my collection

Mary Kay Cosmetics
My name is Elizabeth Chatel, and I live in Connecticut :-) I've been in my Mary Kay business for 14 holiday seasons and absolutely love all of the Mary Kay products.
Check out my collection HERE! Want the 12 Days of Faves? Click HERE!

The Passionistas Project Pack
The Passionistas Project Pack is a carefully curated quarterly subscription box for women who want to support female artisans and women-owned businesses and be inspired to follow their passions. Each box is packed with individually wrapped lifestyle products from skincare to accessories to food and more. Subscribe to the box

Nedas Coquito
NEDA’s Coquito is a unique Puerto Rican coquito. Coquito means "little coconut," and it's typically served during the Christmas holidays. NEDA's is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and vegan friendly. Each bottle is handcrafted at the time of the order and hand poured with a cinnamon stick infused with coconut rum. Order your coquito

Princess Baby Boutique

Welcome to my little crochet corner of Etsy. I hope you enjoy perusing Princess Baby Boutique's accessories selection. If you are interested in different colors or styles, contact me to place your custom order! I create custom crocheted accessories, dolls, amigurumi, and household items. Check out my other work on social media
TikTok @PrincessBabyBoutique

Calendula Skin
Offers a collection of limited edition specialty soaps encompassing a deep love of nature, passion for creating original formulations, and an aim for healthy living. Natural ingredients are combined based on their properties to create a balanced final product with maximum skin benefits. As a microbiologist and maker of true soap, I use a background in science and lab experience to creating artisan soap bars. I specialize in formulating soap recipes tailored to your preferences and skin needs.

The Organized Flamingo

The Organized Flamingo was created out of our expertise and education in the fields of organizing and productivity.  We love working with busy professionals looking for more order in their lives, and we want to help you be more organized in all aspects of your life!  If you are looking to give someone the gift of organization, what better way than to share the services offered by friend of the show, Stephanie 

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