Casa DeConfidence Podcast

A Delightful Visit to Becky's Mindful Kitchen

November 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 103
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
A Delightful Visit to Becky's Mindful Kitchen
Show Notes

"Amor Fati" - Embrace Your Fate

 It is another beautiful day, and we are proud to announce our latest Casa DeConfidence Podcast release, featuring the one and only Becky Schmooke of Becky's Mindful Kitchen!  

This was such a fun visit. I loved chatting laughing and going deep in our conversation with Becky. She opened up about her eating disorder and how she is turning her mess into a message that helps others. 

Becky lives in a house she and her firefighter husband build. They have three daughters, two dogs, dairy goats, and chickens (50 of them to be exact). 

Becky is a believer that the kitchen represents a place to gather, share stories, create memories, and learn lessons that go far beyond cooking. With this in mind, Becky leads a variety of events from treehouse birthday parties to virtual cooking classes, as well as mindful leadership workshops. 

Throughout it all, Becky blends stoic philosophy with modern mindfulness to create a practical guide for living with integrity, gratitude, and good spirits. 

I do hope that you will tune in for this incredible episode! We look forward to hearing your thoughts, so please let us know what you think on social media!

Want to get cooking? Check out her FREE classes HERE! Also, check her out on her socials below:

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