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Hey Girl You Can - The Founder of the Most Supportive Place in Clubhouse Tara Geraghty

January 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 108
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
Hey Girl You Can - The Founder of the Most Supportive Place in Clubhouse Tara Geraghty
Show Notes

In this week's episode of the podcast, Julie chats with Tara Geraghty. Over the last 23+ years, Tara has been building community and developing leaders. She is a sought-after Top 5 Ted Ex speaker, author, and media contributor to Good Morning America, MSNBC, and Reader's Digest to name a few.

With a degree in Theater and a background in Improv Tara always assumed she would pursue a career in the arts. However, after starting a direct sales business at 20 years old she found herself immersed in the world of personal development.

She quickly rose to the top of her field, earning numerous accolades, company awards, and soon began teaching, mentoring, and coaching women from around the country on how to build successful businesses.

Then in 2008, Tara found herself in the midst of a Domestic Violence Divorce. Just when she thought she hit rock bottom she found herself in an emergency room a short nine months later with her only child and a High-Risk Stage 4 Childhood Cancer

Tara chose to rise above her circumstances to face cancer with fun and found gratitude in the process. She made sure her daughter never stopped fighting with a “Jersey Girl” survivor spirit.   Tara now shares those powerful tools, tips, and secrets to help parents navigate the scary world that is childhood cancer.

In the last year, using her skills in community building, she and her sister Carolyn Co-Founded The Hey Girl You Can club in Clubhouse.

Hey Girl You Can is a global community of over 38,000 women. Tara says that the club is founded on two guiding principles. "That every interaction with HGYC leaves a woman feeling elevated, uplifted, inspired, and believing a little bit more...that she can! And that our community is a platform to give a woman space for her voice to be heard and honored. We are a community where women can find support, encouragement, friendship, and be reminded how significant and valuable they really are."

This week on January 14th, 2022 we will be celebrating the Club's 1st Anniversary. Make sure you join all the fun.

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