Casa DeConfidence Podcast

Rita Made Me DO It with Rita Goodroe

January 30, 2022 Season 1 Episode 111
Casa DeConfidence Podcast
Rita Made Me DO It with Rita Goodroe
Show Notes

I am so excited to share with you this week's podcast guest, Rita Goodroe! 

Rita is a professional speaker, business strategist, and sales coach who helps business owners and sales teams make more money with less effort by focusing on the meaningful relationships and opportunities that truly drive success.  She does this all by showing you how to turn KNOW into NO - so you can go all-in on what matters.

I, and Rita's clients, love how she uses humor and storytelling to break tough topics down into practical, easily implementable, actions…hence why she has coined the phrase "Rita made me DO it!" to celebrate their many successes.  

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Rita worked for 13 years as a business attorney.  In 2015, she founded “The All-in Entrepreneur,” a free, global, community that provides education and community events to entrepreneurs.  In June 2016, Rita was selected as a change-maker by the United State of Women Summit convened by The Obama White House.

You can connect with Rita in the following:

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Plus, make sure to try her quiz to find Your Next Right Step:

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